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Tree of Life Chapel


100 E. Adams Avenue

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The Tree of Life Chapel provides an intimate venue for meditation and reflection during the solemn period of Lent.

Generously funded by two members of First Presbyterian, the Chapel is meant to provide “a quiet place for meditation, a happy and joyful place. And that it will be open to people of all
faiths who desire to communicate with God.”

The Chapel and its landscaping are designed with a specific accent on nature in order to reflect and enhance the worship experience through the seasons. Materials used throughout the
building are various natural woods and stone.

The four stained glass windows on the north wall of the Chapel signify the transformation of a tree throughout the seasons, beginning in Spring and ending in Winter, and provide a concrete
visualization of the Tree of Life; a metaphor of the journey from birth to death. The rose window above the chancel is also representative of the Tree of Life with branches reaching up
to the sky.

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